Nominees for Co-Leaders

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We are currently taking nominees for co-leadership position. The co-leaders will be the face of the CGE. Although they will not be the sole point of contact for it they will be the first ones in charge of talking with media or at events. As such whatever graduate student is selected must be unafraid with […]

Meeting Summary from 9/21/15

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Moderator: Darwin First discussion point: How do we formalize decision making to ensure that we can make decisions when necessary? We are going to create two committees to deal with different efforts: media and organizing. Media: will build contacts with media, create press releases and other related documents, control the website, and do any necessary […]

Why I’m Pro-Union – Ally Kupar

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Today, I drove myself to the Doctor’s office on the other side of a sleepy early morning State College. I patiently explained my condition to an albeit standoffish doctor as I recounted the past two months of appointments and medication. In July, after returning from fieldwork in Kenya for my dissertation (well, pre-dissertation), I had […]

Labor Day Luncheon

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The Coalition of Graduate Employees at Penn State is hosting a Labor Day luncheon at noon (September 7, 12PM) in front of Old Main for all graduate employees, families, and allies to discuss how a graduate employee union might better our position at Penn State. At this luncheon, the CGE invites all graduate students and […]

Where Are We Going?

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Given the changes over the last year in graduate employees benefits, the stagnation of graduate stipends, and the lack of transparency in university decision-making, graduate students at Pennsylvania State University have begun to explore our options in strengthening our role in decision making processes at Penn State. What started as only a handful of students has […]