Penn State Hearing Review

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  In the past week and a half, Penn State’s administration has insulted every aspect of graduate assistants’ work or, as they were so fond of calling it, our “activities.” For those of you who have been keeping up with CGE’s Twitter and Facebook, this will come as no surprise, but for readers still scratching […]

Reply All: Graduate Unionization Hearing

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On Thursday evening, PSU graduate workers received an email from Dean Vasilatos-Younken ‘updating’ them on the results of the legal challenge mounted by administration against its graduate employees. The email contained a number of untruths and misrepresentations, and grad employees deserve the truth. First, the Dean yet again attributed our unionization effort to the Pennsylvania […]

Standing in Solidarity: Your Guide to the PLRB Hearings

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After September 13th, the Penn State administration’s challenge to graduate assistants’ employee status will hopefully come to an end. From September 5th through September 13th, the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board (PLRB) will be hearing from both sides about why (or, apparently, why not) we should be considered employees. Some graduate assistants will be testifying at […]

Emergency Add: Penn State’s healthcare changes and their impact on you

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Since August 10th, Penn State administration’s failure to provide accurate and timely communication has led to a  great deal of confusion about the status of the Penn State student health insurance plan, which is offered as part of the compensation package for graduate assistants (TAs, RAs, and fellows). In a statement posted to Facebook, the […]

An International Student’s Guide to Unionization

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Can international graduate students unionize? Yes! Many graduate employee unions include large numbers of international graduate employees, not only as members, but as leaders who advocate for improved working conditions. Benefits of unionization like stable healthcare and summer funding may be of special importance to international graduate student workers. Will supporting the union affect my […]

Graduate Unions Across the Country

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CGE at Penn State joins a long and illustrious history of graduate employees demanding a say in their working conditions. In Pennsylvania alone, we join Temple University, who won their case at the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board and were officially declared employees in 2001. As we continue striving for representation, better working conditions, and solidarity […]