Labor Day Luncheon

The Coalition of Graduate Employees at Penn State is hosting a Labor Day luncheon at noon (September 7, 12PM) in front of Old Main for all graduate employees, families, and allies to discuss how a graduate employee union might better our position at Penn State.

At this luncheon, the CGE invites all graduate students and their friends, families and allies, to meet for a public conversation over graduate employee unionization – its benefits, costs, risks, and opportunities. Given that Labor Day marks a national day of recognition of the labor done by workers, the CGE would like to celebrate the occasion by discussing graduate employee welfare, workload and wages. This conversation is all more relevant since this public holiday will actually be another day at the office for many graduate students.
Labor Day Flyer

Where Are We Going?

Given the changes over the last year in graduate employees benefits, the stagnation of graduate stipends, and the lack of transparency in university decision-making, graduate students at Pennsylvania State University have begun to explore our options in strengthening our role in decision making processes at Penn State. What started as only a handful of students has slowly grown, and we have put together this website to open the discussion about what a graduate student union would mean at Penn State.

As of now we are committed to broadening the participation of graduate students at Penn State. We hope that you will join us in this process by being either actively involved or talking to your friends and colleagues about the role of graduate students here at Penn State.