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Labor Day Luncheon News Coverage

Yesterday's Labor Day Luncheon was a great success with 80 some graduate students coming out to talk about how they can make Penn State better. Thanks to Food Not Bombs we didn't even run out of food. We will have some more thoughts on the event and the plans for the future soon but we want to highlight the two articles that covered yesterday's event. The Daily Collegian had some great indepth coverage: 

Penn State graduate students met on Labor Day in front of Old Main to discuss unionization at the Coalition of Graduate Employees’ luncheon.

Pamphlets were handed out to those who attended the CGE’s Labor Day Luncheon for Unionization with information about forming the coalition’s first union.

CGE is a Penn State graduate employee organization working to create a union in order to be a part of the university’s decision-making process.

“A union would never determine who got which jobs or constrain the university to pay everyone the same. It would, however, determine that everyone gets paid enough,” Robert Birdwell (graduate-English) said. “A union would not prevent you from working overtime but it would say that you have to get paid for overtime.”

The Centre Daily Times also covered the event, although the coverage did not go as in-depth as we hope future coverage will be. It is critical for this conversation to be public, and hopefully the media will ensure that everyone is  informed about our options.