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CGE Update: What do you want in a contract? Who is CGE? And Why unionize?


We are almost ready to vote! We need to hear what sort of contract you want!
Our card drive is entering the home stretch! Help us get a better idea of what graduate workers are most concerned about so please take a moment now and fill it out.

What can unions do for you? Here are a few examples from other universities:

  • Solid training before new graduate employees enter the classroom, including a hand in creating training. (U of Mich)
  • Graduate worker input on class sizes, clear policies on maximums (U of Mich)
  • Graduate worker representation in an array of university level decision making bodies: child care issues (U of Mich), as well as health and safety (U Conn)
  • Paid leave (U Conn, U of Iowa)
  • Clear rules on extended leaves (including medical and parental leave) (U Conn)
  • Increased access to parking (compared to undergraduates) (U Conn)

Why do unions work for PSU? See the responses:
If you haven’t seen
our new facebook page, check it out and see the reasons PSU grad workers want a union. Here are some of our favorites:

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Who the hell are we anyway?
The CGE has always been a student-run effort. You can always come to our happy hours or our events to find out, but PSU still seems confused about this. Read our explanation here!