#DONTBANME – Stand up to hate

Thank you for standing up and taking action against this heinous executive order. Calling is a simple way to make your voice heard, and it is critical for everyone to speak up right now.

Member of Congress

Phone Number

Senator Toomey

(202) 224-4254

Representative GT

(202) 225-5121

Senator Casey

(202) 224-6324


Hello, my name is ____________ I’d like to leave a message on an issue.

I am a [student/graduate worker/faculty member/staff/alumni] at Penn State and a resident of [city] my zipcode is [zipcode]. I want [Senator Toomey/Senator Casey/Representative GT] to take a real stand against President Trump’s unconstitutional executive order banning entry to the US for those from 7 middle eastern countries. I oppose this executive order because….

Choose one (or more) or provide your own reason:

  • the order is morally wrong, and goes against the idea of America as being open to all those seeking a better life.

  • the order threatens students, staff and faculty within the Penn State community, as well across the US. These individuals comes to the US to teach, learn and research, and now they live in fear.

  • the order does not solve any problems, but only creates more.

  • I have friends who are no longer certain they are welcome in the United States.

Thank you for your time.