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Emergency Add: Penn State’s healthcare changes and their impact on you

Since August 10th, Penn State administration’s failure to provide accurate and timely communication has led to a  great deal of confusion about the status of the Penn State student health insurance plan, which is offered as part of the compensation package for graduate assistants (TAs, RAs, and fellows). In a statement posted to Facebook, the Graduate School claims that we still have coverage, but will not have our information in the insurance company’s system (and thus no proof of coverage) until mid-October at the earliest. We will therefore be unable to access care anywhere outside of UHS, including hospitals and emergency rooms. There have been reports of confusion at UHS, and it remains unclear whether all graduate assistants will be able to access their prescriptions at the pharmacy.

For informational purposes, the Coalition of Graduate Employees has compiled the following information about our current situation and how we got here.

  • Starting in the 2017-2018 academic year, Penn State chose (as per usual, without meaningful input from graduate assistants) to switch insurance providers from Aetna to UnitedHealthcare. Listed benefits remained the same, while premiums increased. Senior administrators within Penn State made emphatic promises to graduate assistants that all previously covered healthcare providers would still be in network under our new plan, and that there would be no disruption during the switch. Graduate assistants were also informed that, despite having a multi-year contract with UnitedHealthcare, Provost Nick Jones was firmly committed to sending the contract back out to bid if we see steep premium hikes in subsequent years.

  • Our contract with Aetna expired on August 9. They are not responsible for, and will not pay, any medical claims after that date.

  • As of August 15, we do not have any clear insurance information from UnitedHealthcare. While our contract ostensibly went into effect on August 10, it appears that Penn State has not provided UnitedHealthcare with a list of plan enrollees, and so UnitedHealthcare is unable to verify whether we are covered or put us in their system. Thus, we are unable to obtain insurance ID cards via UnitedHealthcare’s website as University Health Services claims we can.

  • It currently appears that services at UHS are (mostly) unaffected. Services outside UHS (including mental health care, specialist visits, and emergency medical care) are currently inaccessible unless you request an “emergency add” to the system, as discussed below.

  • The Coalition of Graduate Employees has received reports that some mental health providers  are considering leaving our provider network. We are working to verify these reports and demand that Penn State keep their promise to maintain our previous network of mental health providers. Please contact us if you have any concerns about your providers or any information about providers who are leaving or remaining in network.

  • CGE encourages all graduate employees to call the University Health Services Insurance Office immediately at 814-865-7467 to request an “emergency add." Even if you do not have a planned non-UHS doctor’s visit, all graduate employees deserve to have access to the insurance we’ve paid for in the case of not just accidents or unexpected injuries, but regular and routine coverage.

This is only the latest example of Penn State failing to fulfill its commitments to graduate employees. If you are interested in joining us to ensure that graduate employees have our interests represented at Penn State, come get involved in the Coalition of Graduate Employees. Our next general meeting will be Tuesday, August 22nd at 6:00PM in room 220 of the State College Municipal Building. We will discuss the history of Penn State’s disregard for graduate assistants’ healthcare and what we can do about it when we all stand together.

In Solidarity,

The Coalition of Graduate Employees at Penn State