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GPSA Elections: Vote Now

Dear graduate employees and allies,
This is a friendly reminder to vote now for your GPSA representatives. 
Voting takes place here: The polls will be open until 11:59pm on Thursday, April 7.
We have a number of CGE members running for office who need your vote:

Executive Board

  • Anne Whitesell (Executive Secretary)
  • Azita Ranjbar (Faculty Senate)
  • Brianne Pragg (Graduate Council)


  • John McKay (Engineering)
  • Kevin Reuning (Liberal Arts)
  • Colleen Unroe (Education – WRITE IN)
  • Jinhee Choi (Education – WRITE IN)

If you want more information about the candidates, you can find their statements here:

If you have any questions about the platforms of any candidates, the election process, or the GPSA more generally, please don't hesitate to ask.