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Labor Day: Administration’s “Proportional” Response

In February of this year, the Coalition of Graduate Employees (CGE) filed with the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board (PLRB) to have a vote on unionization at Penn State. The filing was the culmination of a year’s work collecting authorization cards and the expectation was that once we had filed, the vote on unionization would happen within a few months. However, as we quickly learned, Penn State’s administration had other ideas. 

On April 6, 2017, while graduate employees were at a work-in at Old Main, Penn State’s administrators informed the PLRB that they not only opposed our unionization efforts, but also that they would be challenging our status as employees, even though we do visible work for the university, receive W-2 forms, and the PLRB ruled in 2000 that graduate assistants are employees. Nonetheless, next week, Penn State’s own challenge our standing as employees begins. Between September 5th and 13th, the PLRB will hear both Penn State’s arguments as well as those of graduate employees to determine, legally, whether Penn State grad workers have the right to unionize. 

Penn State recognizes the challenges in front of it. The PLRB has ruled in the past that graduate employees can form a union and the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled last year that even graduate assistants at private universities have the right to unionize. Knowing this, the university stalled over the summer and pushed the hearing date back to allow for more preparation time and the wasting of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars on lawyers from the law firm Ballard Spahr in Philadelphia, whose salaries can be $600 per hour. This firm has a history of dealing with unionization efforts and promises that its lawyers “know how to help clients maintain a union-free environment.” 

Penn State’s administration has deemed it appropriate to spend an astronomical amount of money in an attempt to stall an entirely legal vote on unionization as well as engage in active anti-union practices, as evidenced by their distribution of anti-union propaganda to new graduate employees at orientation this year. The administration knows it’s in the wrong, but is fighting us tooth and nail because it cares more about its profit margins than the humans it employs to teach students, advance research, and enhance the school’s reputation.

The administration’s blocking of our right to vote on unionization must stop and hopefully will after the PLRB hearings, but right now we need you to make your voices heard. CGE will be organizing work-ins both at the Penn Stater hotel where the hearing will be and in Old Main between Tuesday, September 5th and Wednesday, September 13th. The work-ins at Old Main will run from 10 AM-4 PM and the Penn Stater work-ins will be 8 AM-5 PM daily. Join us at either location and stand with us in solidarity as we fight for our legal right to have a seat at the table where our futures as graduate employees are determined.

In solidarity, The Coalition of Graduate Employees