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Onward State: Survey Shows Graduate Workers Go Above And Beyond Level Of Compensation

Check out the article written by CGE member (and former Co-President) Anne Whitesell in Onward State:

“How do you keep a work-life balance?”

The question was posed to me recently at a Q & A panel for incoming graduate students. I looked to my colleagues around me to see if any of them were prepared to answer the question. Instead, we just laughed. “I don’t,” one of us finally admitted, and the rest of us nodded our heads in agreement.

It turns out we’re not the only ones. In early August, the Coalition of Graduate Employees(CGE) at Penn State fielded a survey asking graduate employees about the compensation they receive and the amount of time they put into their assistantships. Most graduate assistants at Penn State, and the majority of the 199 survey respondents, have half-time assignments that require 20 hours of work per week. This work – which the administration recognizes as “vital to Penn State’s mission of teaching, research, and service” – ranges from assisting faculty in their research to serving as teaching assistants in large introductory seminars to teaching their own courses. Nearly half of respondents (47 percent) with half-time assistantships reported working more than 20 hours per week on average.

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