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Spring Update: Webster’s Open House & Other News

The Spring semester is upon us, and we hope it finds you well. We're hoping to have a vote this semester, but here's what else we've been up to. 

Growing Fast!
We're growing fast, so now is the time to get involved! Join us at Webster's this Wednesday at 3 PM as we kick off the semester with some free coffee and discussion. The Trump administration could bringing big changes to the ACA and higher education. At the same time, Penn State is negotiating yet another new health insurance plan, which makes this a good moment for us to come together as a community.

Penn State announces a Grad Assistant Task Force (but we know nothing about it)
Right before winter break, the Graduate School announced the creation of a task force to learn more about the graduate student climate. But who will participate? How will they be selected? What will this task force do? Frankly, we don't know, but based on what we do know, we fear that this is a mere bureaucratic exercise. We've issued an official response on the matter, which you can read here.

CGE votes to support Sanctuary Campus petition
The CGE voted overwhelmingly (92% to 8%) in favor of a petition calling on PSU's administration to protect and provide services to undocumented students and others at risk in this changing climate. With this vote, CGE joined other PSU groups (including UPUA) and graduate unions at other schools, including the recently unionized UConn GEU-UAW.