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Survey Results! Happy Hour! New Leadership! And 1,000 Cards!

First and foremost, thank you to everyone who filled out and passed along our survey. We have a full report available here and will be releasing some specific opinion pieces about it over the next week so be sure to check our blog. The least surprising, but most frustrating finding was how overworked graduate workers are. A plurality reported working more than the required 20 hours, and many reported working much, much more than that. It was a nice reminder as to why exactly we are spending so much time and energy organizing.

Fall semester is starting and graduate workers are returning from fieldwork, finishing teaching preparations, and suddenly remembering how many undergrads actually go to Penn State (the freshman class is an absurd 8,600), and we are still holding our regular happy hours. Join us starting at 7pm on Friday August 26th at Chumley’s for drinks and pizza.

In exciting news, as of last week over a thousand graduate employees have signed cards in support of a union election! We’re heading into the start of the semester a little more than halfway to our goal, and need your help to continue our forward momentum.. If you want to get involved please contact our Chief Organizer, Brianne Pragg or attend our first meeting of the fall semester next Tuesday, August 30 from 6-8 in room 220 of the municipal building. Most importantly, we need people willing to show us where the graduate workers are in their departments.

And that brings us to the last piece of news: our fall leadership is set! Spencer Carran (Huck Institutes) and Cassie McMillan (College of Liberal Arts) are the new Co-Presidents of CGE. They have been heavily involved for a long time now and will be able to guide us through the finish line. Brianne Pragg and Kevin Reuning will continue in their respective positions (Chief Organizer and Record Keeper).