Mission Statement

The Coalition of Graduate Employees (CGE) at the Pennsylvania State University is a group of  graduate workers (GAs, RAs, and TAs)  who teach classes, conduct research, and produce scholarship. Our integral role in the institution gives us the right to democratic representation in the decision-making processes that affect our labor and quality of life. Each graduate employee brings to the workplace a unique set of skills and needs specific to their backgrounds and experiences of various forms of inequality. Because of this, CGE is committed to serving as a platform for intersectional advocacy and ensuring that no employees experience discrimination based on race, class, gender identity, sexuality, ethnicity, disability, nationality, religion, or citizenship status. To that end, we are working to form a legally recognized union that will provide current and future graduate employees with an organized platform to address our concerns and advance our interests. As we strive towards better working conditions, financial security, stable healthcare, and the security of a union contract to combat workplace inequalities, CGE aims to make graduate work at Penn State more accessible and equitable to all potential future graduate employees.